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A History of Hob Knobbing

Hob Knob – to mix, socialize or rub elbows. It’s a way of life that’s part and parcel to the residents & visitors of Edgartown and Martha's Vineyard Island. Through no coincidence, the phrase also honors the bygone country home of Hob Knob proprietor Margaret “Maggie” H. White’s grandparents. Set high on a hill known as the “knob,” the estate was presided over by the family matriarch, Helen Osborne Bruch, or H.O.B. It was Helen’s beloved husband, Edward who christened the estate “Hob Knob.” Located moments from the heart of Edgartown and just a short stroll to the beach, today’s Hob Knob has provided respite for generations of travelers – including a windblown and hungry Senator John Fitzgerald Kennedy during a Vineyard sailing regatta in 1947.

The Hob Knob got its name from the Ohio country home of its proprietor’s grandparents, “Rosie” and “Duddie” as they were affectionately called. This dashing couple gallivanted around the local countryside with overflowing silver tumblers in hand. Sports was in their blood. Duddie was a part-owner of the Cleveland Rams, and in their prime the two reigned as their country club’s tennis and golf champions. In local duck hunting circles, Duddie had a reputation as an expert marksman. Today’s Rosie and Duddie’s 15 grandchildren look back on the times spent at Hob Knob with tremendous affection. They reminisce about exploring the estate, toboggan races between the cousins, poring over letters to Duddie from various U.S. presidents, and roughhousing with the pedigree Labrador retrievers the couple bred. And now a new Hob Knob exists. Like the original, the Hob Knob is a place where those who stay can create their own unforgettable memories. Let the gallivanting begin!

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